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 Support in the form of training and further education is extremely helpful in order to master the functionality and flexibility of our engineering systems. The exchange of ideas and experiences with other companies’ colleagues is a further important aspect of our seminars, as this is a useful source of information and an ideal use of our resources.Tailor-made training courses to fit your special needs: Standard training courses, by their nature, are oriented to the typical working methods of our customers. The pace and level of complexity of these courses caters to the "average" user. In individual training courses, with topics structured to suit your particular demands, more topics can be dealt with in less time, by concentrating on what is specifically relevant for you/your company. The result is an added benefit for you in training cost savings because course participants learn more in less time.All training courses/seminars/workshops/etc. can be conducted individually for your users at our facilities. We can also combine the contents of various standard courses, or add new topics, according to your needs. Just ask us; we would be glad to prepare a special training program for your particular needs.


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